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Month: April, 2012

5 Steps to a Successful Career Change

13 April, 2012 (09:41) | Personal Development, Self Help | By: Jack

Are you looking for a career change?  Have you been secretly wanting to enter a new field and get new job doing something completely different?  Do you want to start your own business in something new to you?  Getting started can be a big hurdle for a lot of people.  Maintaining focus and drive can be another hurdle.  Here are five tips to help you get started, keep going and succeed in your quest for a career change.


It seems obvious.  You have to know what you’re getting into.  What is this dream career all about?  Am I idealizing it?  What does it take to thrive in this career?  What are the things people like and dislike about it?  What kind of training is advantageous?  How much training is needed?  Research can help you answer these questions.

The internet is obviously a hugely useful tool for researching any topic imaginable.  By all means get on google and start learning.  But don’t limit yourself to the internet.  Books are an extremely useful and authoritative means of obtaining information about your perspective occupation.  There’s also another source of information you may not think of, people.  Find someone actually in the line of work you are interested in and basically probe them for information.  Take them to lunch or coffee, chat online, invite them to your home, whatever you think might create a natural and appropriate chance of learning more about your desired career path.

Do it

Well now what?  You researched and learned all about your dream job and it seems great.  You want to do it.  So DO IT!  Find some way of doing it.  If you want to be a writer, write.  Want to be a programmer? Program.  Start a business? Start it.  You have to actually do what you want to do to ever become any good at it.  Whatever it is, find some way of actually doing it.  No you won’t be paid up front, but you will gain that all important experience.


So now you’re doing your dream job in some way shape or form, now tell people about it.  Talk to others doing the same thing.  Join online communities, social groups, etc. Start a blog.  Go where the people doing your new career might be and try to meet someone.  The more connections you make, the more chance you have of actually getting a paid position doing this new thing.  Or if it’s your own business or freelance career, the more business you will get.

Give It Away

So you’re doing your dream work now, and meeting people in your field, now’s your chance to apply this new skill and get exposure.  Do something free for somebody.  Create a website and make your writing available for free.  Give away your specialty light fixtures or cookies or widgets.  Do an interior decorating job for someone.  For free!  If you do a great job, which you certainly will, now you have an advocate! They will be thrilled to recommend you to others.  Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising.  You can’t buy word of mouth, you need to go out and earn it.

Make Tiny Goals

How do you keep the ball rolling through all this?  It seems like a lot to do doesn’t it?  Well here’s where your goals come into play – the right kind of goals.  Make them meaningful but doable.  Small goals are great.  Something you can do in a day or even an hour. You will really feel like you are getting something done and progressing toward your overall larger goal.  And this will create a snowball effect.  You’ll be getting stuff accomplished left and right!  Small goals each day, that will keep you motivated and feeling positive.

Your dream job is attainable if you really want it.  Take these steps and really make sure you know what it is you think you want, then start working towards it by connecting with the right people and getting in there and doing it.  Give it away and it will come back many times over.  And keep making those small victories along your way to your new career.  Best of luck!

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