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Month: April, 2011

Who Can Benefit from Life Coaching?

2 April, 2011 (01:44) | Life Coaching | By: Jack

I found a great post about life coaching and its benefits by geek granny.  I love how she describes what life coaching is and what it can do for you.  Here are some interesting excerpts:

Life is a skill that can be acquired and often you need help to learn this skill.  Like any skill you desire to learn or become more proficient there are many ways to do this.   If you want to become a better golfer you can hire a golf pro.  If you want to become a better singer you perhaps hire a voice tutor.

We think nothing of paying someone to teach us how to do what we want to do better.  That includes everything from cooking, writing, or a professional trainer to help us sculpt our body.

This is good.  Of course, we can attempt to teach ourselves through books, videos and lots of practice.  But most of the time if we’re serous about furthering a need or talent we must seek professional assistance.

Learning how to live life is somehow viewed differently.

Great point.  We pay for all sorts of trainers that are commonly accepted, but when it comes to life coaching or life training, its somehow different and perhaps even viewed as a deficiency if used.  Why?  We can all improve.  We can all benefit.

Most people aren’t even aware that there are life coaches who specialize in all areas of living life abundantly.  This includes various aspects of your career and personal growth.  They can advise you in relationships with your spouse, significant other or family members.

True.  Life coaching is not well understood and not well known.

A life coach can help you make decisions you refuse to make for yourself.  Many times you don’t even realize what decisions need to be made and a life coach can help you crystallize your thoughts and dreams.

Wow.  This is so true and sometimes hard to face or even realize.

An important first step before hiring a life coach is to assure yourself that you’re ready to move forward and willing to accept direction.  At that point in your life it will be much easier for them to analyze where you are in life and where you want to be.  You’re obviously frustrated with your life but have no idea how to get out of your rut.

Making the decision is the huge first step we all have to make.  It’s common to want to have a better life but taking steps to do something to achieve it is a different story.  It’s hard.  Fear of failure may deter us.  Feelings of hopelessness, lack of skill or any number of excuses may stop us.

Living the life you desire can come with a high price tag.  But, if you’re willing to pay the price in money, effort and dedication then it’s time to define your life on your own terms and take control.  You understand you’ve reached the point in your life that you must feel happier and that life can be rich and dreams realized.

Money is the least of it. It takes effort. People are always willing to throw money at a problem thinking they are doing something to solve it. They’re not, they’re often fooling themselves. It takes dedication and determination to solve your problems and make a better life for yourself.

Life coaching is not a therapy session.  He’s not there to help you heal wounds of the past but assist you in building a better tomorrow.  If you blame others for your problems, perhaps therapy is a better option.  But, if you’re ready to take responsibility for where you are today then a life coach can help improve your life and take you to the next level.

Therapy has its place and by all means if you feel like you need it, get it. But life coaching is not the same thing. Life coaching takes you beyond your current state to a higher and better place. Its not therapy. You should be ready to make things better and move forward with your life before seeking out a life coach. If you have deeper issues therapy may help. If you are looking to get out of a rut, better yourself, and achieve your goals, life coaching is something for you!

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