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Month: October, 2009

Unbeatable Business Coaching Training

8 October, 2009 (03:28) | Business Coaching, Life Coaching Courses | By: Jack

Business coaching training is a narrower subset of life coaching training. Business coaching or corporate coaching is focused on the corporate environment. Most people interested in executive coach training have years of professional or business experience usually as a high level executive. There are many specialized schools focused this special area of coaching. One such school is Clegg. Unbeatable? Maybe, here are some details.

Clegg is working with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) to offer a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation program. As of this writing its available in Southern California and Florida. Their Corporate Coach Program promises to teach the following:

  • important skills to be an effective executive coach
  • effective coaching conversation
  • how to assess the style of your clients for better results
  • coaching tools to use in the corporate setting
  • the difference between coaching, managing, and consulting

Their program is tailored for coaches, consultants, and managers who want to coach in a corporate environment. Businesses have high expectations so Clegg’s program is focused on having their graduates meet those expectations. They will help you utilize expertise that contributes specifically to an organization’s business goals. And they will enable you to deal with clients who expect to work with professionals who are devoted to growth and new and cutting edge techniques and technologies.

This is a serious program. They call it streamlined so expect little fluff but this is an advance study program for people who have significant professional or business experience. There are certain eligibility requirements you have to meet in order to be accepted in to the program. These are:

  • Seven years of professional or business experience
  • Transitioning into business coaching

I assume the second item means you should not be brand new to coaching. Some executive coaching training or experience is likely required. This is obviously geared toward serious students. It makes sense in a highly competitive business environment that an executive would be more likely to respect and follow a business coach that has similar experiences as them. You can’t really substitute for experience in the field of executive coaching.

When you complete the program, you are designated an RCC or Registered Corporate Coach. In order to be awarded this certificate you have to pass a screening interview and complete an accelerated business and corporate focused coach training program that includes demonstrating both fundamental and advanced coaching skills. And finally you must also join the WABC – Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

If your goals include learning from a professional corporate coach and attaining a high comfort level with the process of business coaching, this highly specialized program is for you. The plethora of coaching techniques you will be exposed to, the coaching philosophies and processes you will learn, and the basic knowledge and experience you will gain make this executive coaching program a fantastic achievement for you as a coach and a springboard to an accelerated coaching career.

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