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Month: August, 2009

How to Draft a Life Coach Contract

28 August, 2009 (11:05) | Life Coaching | By: Jack

Drafting up any contract can be challenging especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Usually this means that you may have to spend some money learning how to draft a life coach contract. Why a contract for a life coach? There are many reasons why a contract is needed. This protects both you as the life coach and your client. But how do you draft up such a contract? There are several things that you need to have in your contract to make it a legitimate contract between you and the client. These things are:

1. Agreement Page – In a basic life coach contract, you need to have an agreement page. This page allows for you to lay out all the different things that you and the client are agreeing on. Some things that you might add to this page are the different tasks that will be assigned to the client and they sign at the bottom stating that they agree with all that is written. This allows for discussion of what you can and cannot agree to.

2. Terms of Conditions – This is where you detail everything that is going to happen in the program and the different tasks that are going to be completed by the client. In the terms of conditions, you can write things such as the different exceptions that will be made for the client and the consequences for breaking the rules of the terms of conditions.

3. Schedule of Teaching – This is the final piece of the life coaching contract where you write down the times of the program. The meeting times and what are involved in each lesson are some things that you need to include in the contract. When you have the schedule written out, there is no confusion to what needed from the client and the life coach. In this way both are protected and there is no room for argument.

Drafting up a contract enables both parties be properly informed and let’s them know what they are entitled to as well as the tasks that need to be completed. When one defaults on the contract, there are legal issues that might have to be taken. There are many elements that need to be in the contract so that it will protect you as the life coach. When you have the above items in your contract, you won’t have anything to worry about during your time motivating and guiding your clients. Coaching contracts are not scary things. They simply are there to protect you from any wrongful suits that could happen and to give the life coach and client a clear picture of what’s expected.  As a business owner you need clear delineation of what your business relationship entails.  Write a coach contract and both sides will be clear on the terms.

I found a few examples of life coaching agreements online. These may be of some use: