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Month: November, 2008

Life Coaching Ebooks

14 November, 2008 (00:12) | Life Coaching | By: Jack

Ebooks are popular on the internet these days. You can find ones on anything from “getting things done” to “fish care”  on And life coaching ebooks are all over the place. These books range in price from about $10.00 to upwards of $300.00. At that price we’re talking a pretty substantial investment in my book. There are even some free life coaching ebooks out there. They make all kinds of promises and assurances and claims. Here’s $37 ebook that promises you will “Learn how to sort through the maze of information on training programs, certification and the business of coaching with this downloadable resource guide.” Here’s other for 28 bucks that claims “This book gives clear and helpful advice on: dealing with troublesome emotions, overcoming procrastination, becoming assertive, tackling poor time management, persisting at problem solving, handling criticism constructively, taking risks, and making better decisions.” And here is another one for $47 that contains interviews with a bunch of successful coaches and “These Coaches are Making $30,000 to $1,400,000 each year while changing people’s lives — Hear their stories and learn how they did it!” Now these are certainly some enticing claims are they not?

So are these ebooks worth the money? Do they provide what they promise? Do they deliver? Or are they just full of fluff. The short answer is i don’t know. But I aim to find out. I will attempt to evaluate several of these promising looking life coaching ebooks that are available and review them here. If you have any experience purchasing and reading a coaching e-book please comment below. The information would be super valuable to the coaching community and prospective coaches everywhere. So, I had better get myself an ebook reader and start downloading a few ebooks today!