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Month: June, 2008

Success in Business Coach Training

24 June, 2008 (23:00) | Business Coaching, Life Coaching | By: Jack

If you are lucky enough to get to the point where you plan to go on an interview for a life coaching contract or business coaching position in a corporate training environment, there are some things to think about and some things to do to get prepared. Consider you are trying to get a job as a corporate life coach where you are required to train a group, motivate them, and achieve results.

First, sit down and think honestly on the help you have ever needed and have received or not received that enabled you to get to this current place and then think about how you would then give the help to help someone else. This may be great fodder for the interview itself! Make a list of this information and then rank it in order of importance for doing the job, or helping someone new to do the job.

In terms of setting up the training, again think about what’s needed, then assess the skill levels within the organization. Are there people already within your organization that demonstrate a practical skill set related to the training needs? These can be helpful people to have involved the training even if you get an external trainer in to do the actual training, as most people tend to respond much better to one of their own, especially who has already done it. They can then see the real practical benefits of what is being said and it can overcome the ‘what do they know about…’ syndrome that can happen in coaching training.

You do also need to try to clarify are you talking about corporate coaching or are you talking about ‘mentoring’ as the structures are actually quite different in a work environment. Mentoring is a much more informal endeavor. Business coaching is a more formal thing. It’s possible you may need to have both systems in place, but work that out for yourself ahead of the interview so you can go in with a clear mindset of what you and the company need. This could score you some big points.

It’s a great thing to have gotten to the point of being invited to the interview but closing the deal can be tough. Make sure you are ultra prepared for your adventure into business coaching. Life coaching and business coaching training can be rewarding work, and getting in the door can be difficult … and rewarding as well.