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Month: April, 2008

Should I Be a Life Coach?

26 April, 2008 (12:57) | Life Coaching | By: Jack

If you have ever found yourself getting very excited about helping a friend with a problem, maybe you should become a life coach. If you are passionate about everything, maybe you should consider being a life coach. If you are a giver of yourself, you may be a candidate to become a coach.

Coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling pursuit that may bring the satisfaction you been lacking. Have you ever helped out a friend and you had an enveloping feeling of being in your element. You were providing them the support and encouragement they needed to overcome a particular issue. Well you were coaching! Think of the sensation and emotion you felt when you created momentum in that person’s life. Is that a feeling you would like to have again, perhaps on a daily basis?

Are you really engaged in a career you consider a calling? What are you true passions? What spins your wheels? Drives you? Floats your boat? Is life coaching something you might excel at?

Ask yourself these and other probing question to get down to the core of what you really want in life. What is special about peacock.jpgyou and your style? Are you naturally drawn to people in need? To you love to see others succeed. Do you feel driven to get the most out of people? Perhaps you should become life coach. This may be it for you!

Are you independent? Are you driven? Do you want to work for yourself? Make your own hours but really strive to be a success and own your achievements? Life coaching can offer these things and a host of others. Is it for you? Take the first steps be examining what’s inside you and do you have the qualities, characteristics and desires to be a life coach. Look within!

You need motivation to just about anything in life, especially life coaching. a life coach can help a client in many areas. You need to be motivated to motivate others. You can help in careers, relationships and even help a person lose weight for free. Stay focused and get it done!