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Month: March, 2008

The Three Ps of Finding a Life Coach

25 March, 2008 (10:45) | Finding a Life Coach | By: Jack

When you are looking for a great life coach to rev up your career, fire up your personal life or just give you a needed kick start there are three important things to look for in a coach, I call them the three Ps of finding a life coach!

The first of the three Ps is pedigree. This is just fancy way of saying you should look for a certified life coach. You’ll find many people calling themselves life coaches. You’ll find many other even calling themselves certified life coaches. Certified by what? By whom? Most of these so called certified or any other person calling themselves a coach are neither a coach nor certified. Sometimes the coach in question maybe misinformed or uninformed about where they received their certification and the relevance and legitimacy of it. There a specific skills and training a life coach should have experienced and a certified life coaching program is the best bet for any coach to get that experience. Simple life experience is not proper training for a life coach. It may help the coach but its no substitute for proper life coaching courses.

Look for a coach who has attended life coaching training classes certified by IPEC. IPEC is one of the premiere life coaching schools and one of the first to be certified and fully accredited by ICF, the International Coach Federation. ICF has set the standards for the coaching industry. They have established and they maintain worldwide standards for coaching ethics and practices. IPEC certification requires over three hundred hours of classroom training and one hundred hours of live field training. Person to person training is essential for the proper development of a life coach and it will enable them to grasp and retain the fundamental and nuances of life coaching practices. There are schools who only train online or over the phone. This is fine for part of a coach’s training but definitle not a complete life coach traingin program. Actual coaching in a live setting is a critical part of a coach’s development.

The second P of my three Ps of choosing a life coach is people. Talk to people who have worked with you prospective life coach. Get a sense of the coach through the experiences of others. Great coaches will obviously have happy and satisfied clients. The clients should feel like they have make great strides in their life and have progressed measurable toward their goals. Ask probing questions if possible to really get a sense of the way the coach works and if you think it would be a fit for you. Find out how long the client worked with the coach and gauge the recommendations accordingly. Also try to discover the relationship of coach and client. Make sure this isn’t the coach’s friend trying to help out their buddy.

The third P is personality. This is a personal matter that only you can decide and essentially you will be going with your gut sobear.jpg to speak. Do you like someone fiery and boisterous? Do you like someone firm and low key. Do you like businesslike professionalism or a casual approach? Do they have experience with you particular area of concern? These are things you should think about when you meet and talk to your possible life coach. Don’t rush into your decision. If you feel pressured by your potential coach, seek another one. There’s no reason whatsoever to enter into a coaching relationship if things don’t feel quite right. One thing you should ask for is a sample session with you coach. This should give you a concrete example of how your working relationship with the coach will be. You have to have a great comfort level and a trust level with your coach if you’re going to get everything out of you experience with your life coach.

I hope this article was a help to you in you search for a great coach.  If you want to change your life a life coach can help you greatly, but really it will ultimately be up to you.  Good luck!