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Month: February, 2008

What is Expected of a Life Coach?

12 February, 2008 (13:16) | Life Coaching | By: Jack

Life coach classes and training programs are popping up online, offline, and all over the place these days, but what exactly is a life coach. What can someone expect from a life coach and what can some expect if they decide to become life coach?

A personal life coach can be expected to provide support to augment and develop the skills, capabilities, and inventiveness of a client. The coach’s job is to be a partner to their client and to help them produce a fulfilling personal and professional life. Life coaching is a supportive relationship between client and coach where the focus is on defining and achieving the client’s goals. Life coaching sometimes called success coaching also focuses on solving problems and self esteem. If you intend to be a life coach you should be a person who can raise the self esteem of the client and help them make the most of themselves. You should be able to help them maximize their opportunities and maximize their successes. And you should be able to help them develop solutions and strategies to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Should I be a life coach?
If you are considering becoming a life coach you should be one thing first and foremost: a listener. Life coaches are trained to listen but it sure helps if you are naturally a good listener to begin with. Life coach training can enhance this ability certainly, but listening should naturally one of your strengths. Your clients will expect you to listen and provide honest feedback.

Another desirable quality you should posses if you want to become life coach is good observational skills. You will need to observe your client and understand and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Again, life coach classes can teach this skill but a natural ability will put you ahead of the game. You will need to observe the client’s personality traits, habits, and skills, You have to get accurate picture of the client by listening and observing.arrowhead1.gif

A third trait that is helpful in your quest to be a life coach is that you are supportive. You have to have the client’s needs in mind and you have to focus on and support the client’s desires. You will have to tailor your approach to fit the client’s needs. Being a natural motivator and supporter is a great advantage to a budding life coach. Life coaching courses should be able to teach this skill as well but you wouldn’t want to become a swimming instructor if you didn’t like the water would you? You will be expected to evaluate and pinpoint you client’s strengths if you intend to be a life coach, evaluating your own skills is the first thing you must do. You are already your own first client!