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Online Holistic Life Coach Certification

8 December, 2011 (05:49) | Life Coaching, Life Coaching Courses | By: Jack

Holistic living simply recognizes that nothing is separate from anything else and that healthy living requires looking at the whole person or whole situation. To help more people better understand, integrate and then coach the concepts of holistic life balance, The Spencer Institute now offers a 100 percent online Holistic Life Coach certification program.

The self-paced program focuses on both the body (physical goals and desires for healthy living from the inside out, physical signs of stress, aligning the body with the individual’s goals and values) and the mind (beliefs, patterns, using the mind for holistic wellness) to achieve holistic results. Good candidates for Holistic Life Coach training include fitness trainers and coaches, nutritionists and others who are focused on the mind and body connection. Learn more!

“To live successfully and happily, people have to feel balanced, whole and harmonious, which is exactly what holistic life coaching focuses on,” said Dr. John Spencer Ellis, CEO and president of The Spencer Institute and creator of the Holistic Life Coach Certification program. “This online program helps people coach clients to personal wellness while building a successful and satisfying home business at the same time. This certification really opens up options for life coaching in a variety of disciplines and directions.”

A certified Holistic Life Coach can work with clients on issues including relationships, physical health and wellness, life goals, personal development and more to achieve all-around wellness. The online training includes focus on alternative health solutions, the traits of a good coach, nurturing spirituality, balancing mind, body and spirit, the benefits of coaching over therapeutic models, balanced eating, the ethics of coaching, meditation, the art of movement, osteopathic approaches to wellness, motivational strategies, successful business practices and more.

There are no prerequisites for the Holistic Life Coach online training, and the certification is valid for two years. The online format includes video PowerPoint lectures, audio training, a comprehensive digital manual and an online exam.

Become a Holistic Life Coach!

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Founded by Dr. John Spencer Ellis, an international leader in wellness coaching, personal development and fitness, The Spencer Institute offers life coaching, holistic education, nutrition coaching, sports psychology and wellness training certification programs delivered in online and distance learning formats that are designed to provide a step-by-step blueprint to success. The programs were developed to help people find the career of their dreams while helping others live better lives. For more information about the Spencer Institute or the Holistic Life Coach Certification Program, please click here