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Benefits of Life Coach Certification Programs

13 February, 2012 (11:30) | Life Coaching Courses, Personal Development | By: Jack

Is it really worth it to get certified as a life coach?  Is it worth my time? My money?  Well the short answer is: it depends.  Do feel you fit into any of the categories below?  Hmm?  Read on!

Does Your Life Coaching Business Need a Boost

Are you lacking clients?  Do you need to build up that client base and start generating a steady income from life coaching?  A certification for coaching might be the thing you need to distinguish yourself from the pack.  One of the biggest benefits of having that life coach certification is in perception.  You existing and potential clients will think more highly of a pedigreed life coach.  Think of how you would view a person with a certification.  At least you would know that “hey this guy is committed, he’s gone through training.  He’s serious.”

You Have Something to Learn

Let’s face it, everyone can improve.  Everyone can learn.  Classroom study is never a waste of time.  Reading is never a waste.  As a coach, especially as a coach, you should constantly strive for improvement.  You should constantly grow, change and develop your skills.  Do not become complacent.  Do not stagnate.  Get better!

Become a Believer

Maybe you’re a new coach.  Maybe you’re not sure if coaching is really a great career choice for you.  Maybe you yourself need a motivational boost.  A personal pep rally.  Well achieving a goal like your certification can be just the rocket boost you need.  It can be just the pick me up your coaching career needs.  Just the thing to motivate you to start pounding the pavement and drum up business.  Just the thing to prompt you to attack that To Do list of yours.

You Want to Feel Better About Yourself

Well who doesn’t?  You’ve got to admit we are believers in self-improvement, we are coaches after all!  Training, education, seminars, books; these all lead to self-improvement.  Completing a life coach certification program will make you feel better; give you more self-confidence and self-esteem.  No doubt about it!  We are coaches; we believe in this stuff; makes sense to put your money where your mouth is.  Walk the walk!

Investigate coaching certification now!