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Determine Pricing for Life Coach Services

13 September, 2009 (08:37) | Finding a Life Coach, Life Coaching | By: Jack

Whether you are a life coach or an average person looking for a life coach, there are some factors to consider if you are to determine pricing for life coach services. Services from a life coach are very important if you are one that cannot get the support that you need from other sources and you have goals to meet. There are many people who are looking for a good deal. When people get a good deal, they are more likely to return again. Setting your rate as a life coach can be confusing and determining what you should pay for coaching services can also be confusing. Some things that you need to look at so that you can determine pricing for life coach services are:

1. Discounts – Always offer discounts if you are the life coach and always look out for discounts if you are the client. The purpose of discounts is to attract potential clients to look into your life coaching business. When people look at something and they like it, they are more inclined to buy it there if the prices are right. When you have discounts readily available, you can improve your business. People feel better when a discount is offered and they almost have come to expect it.

2. Play with the rates – As a life coach, finding the right prices for your services can be challenging. On one hand, if you price your services too low, there is a chance that people will think that you are not very good. On the other hand, if you price them too high, then people will not want to go to you because it’s too costly. Finding that happy medium is easy when you play with the rates. Have your coaching rates kind of high at first and then start to lower them if you are not getting clients. The minute you get a lot, you can keep the rate. Don’t start off with your life coaching rates too low, you will be pinned into a corner in some cases. People will devalue your service if the price is too low, they won’t think it’s worthwhile. But remember also many people are just looking for an inexpensive coach. Also consider the clientele. Business coaches can often charge a little more to a corporate client. Personal coaches may have to charge a little less to attract clients.

3. Research – In all cases, it is best to research. When you research, you can find the best deal there is. The internet is home to many search engines to help you out if you are lost and don’t know where to turn. Get the rates for all the life coaches that you can find and compare them with each other.

When you have all these aspects to help you to find pricing for life coach services, whether you are a life coach yourself or someone looking for a life coach, you can benefit from the above steps. There are many rates which you can choose from and you just need to be able to have patience. When you practice patience, you can mostly all the time find the deal that you were looking for. And as a coach you can make as much money as possible. You certainly want to maximize your coaching income. And if you’re a client, life coaching doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you know where to look to get the good rates. Shop around and you will discover the best price.